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April book club session

On April 21st our book club is meeting another book club : « The Guernsey literary and potato peel pie society » !  A book by A. M Shaffer and A Barrow. There won’t be any potato peel pie but wine and cheese. Of course.



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Favorite little things


This stamp was issue by the US postal service in 1996 in commemoration of F. Scott Fitzgerald. You can find it for $ 1.50  on amazon.

We’ll talk about  F. Scott Fitzgerald and his novel “Benjamin button” at the book club on February 24th.

Next book club is : february 24th
The book to read is : the curious case of Benjamin Button by F. Scott Fitzgerald Where is this session held : Le studio Austreales, 16 rue Geoffroy L’Angevin, 75004 Paris
You want to sign in :

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Une étoile est née.

Le book club a un petit frère :  le movie club.  Fils de Marilyn Monroe et Arthur Miller, il viendra au monde vendredi…sous vos applaudissements ( à 19h30, au studio Austérales ).

Venez vous joindre à la fête.

Le movie club : 3h d’anglais autour d’un film. Voir, entendre et parler, pour tous ceux qui aiment l’anglais mais qui n’aiment pas lire.

L’actrice Marilyn Monroe et l’écrivain Arthur Miller. 1957.


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Nottingham quiz 5/5

Nottingham is located in the county  of Nottinghamshire, England. There’s a very local controversy about how to pronounce the shire of Nottinghamshire and no one in Britain seems to agree on the pronunciation of their counties.

Would it rhyme with sure ? Would it rhyme with sheer ?

There’ s a beacon of light in terms of pronunciation and that’s the Queen herself ! Here’s how the Queen would prononce words in ire like tyre, wire and shire




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Nottingham quiz 4/5

The Author J.M Barrie worked for the Nottingham Journal. Which character did he create in  a play in 1904 and in a novel in 1911,  who became a famous Disney character.
1) Pinocchio
2) Mowgli
3)  Peter Pan
4)  Snow White


Check your answer.
3)  J.M Barrie wrote Peter Pan the boy who wouldn’t grow up.
Snow White was created by the Grimm brothers in 1812
Mowgly was created in 1893 by Ruyard Kipling
Pinocchio was created in 1881 by Carlo Collodi