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So british. Picture of the day.

” The Guernsey literary and potato peel pie society” starts with the Blitz  in London. Here is a picture of what London was like during the air raids between 1940 and 1941.

blizt 2

Come and talk about the forgotten evacuees of Guernsey during World War 2.
Capture d_écran 2017-03-25 à 23.15.11

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To walk invisible.

L’histoire des soeurs Brönté. Une nouvelle série sur BBC one. Check the trailer: to walk invisible. Starting tomorrow !!



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Une étoile est née.

Le book club a un petit frère :  le movie club.  Fils de Marilyn Monroe et Arthur Miller, il viendra au monde vendredi…sous vos applaudissements ( à 19h30, au studio Austérales ).

Venez vous joindre à la fête.

Le movie club : 3h d’anglais autour d’un film. Voir, entendre et parler, pour tous ceux qui aiment l’anglais mais qui n’aiment pas lire.

L’actrice Marilyn Monroe et l’écrivain Arthur Miller. 1957.


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Alan Who ?

You don’t know who Alan Silitoe is. Well, that’s a shame but we’re not literature nazis at Le book Club. So here is a bunch of information.
When the great British author  Alan Sillitoe died in 2010, this is what Professor Richard Bradford , teacher at Ulster University and world known specialist of Alan Sillitoe wrote about him in The Guardian. Read The Guardian article here.


Alan Sillitoe

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Comment Le Carré a-t-il choisi son nom d’écrivain : squaring the matter with John le Carré

Listen to John le Carré speaking French, quite well actually; and giving some explanations about his french inspired name.  You tube interview here. 


Image  : poster from the film the constant gardener, (adapted from the book, The constant gardener, 2001)