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Still hesitating between coming to the book club and getting a faculty job at UBC ?

This month, at Le book club, we’ll be talking about Magaret Atwood and her Handmaid’s tale.
Do you know what is Atwood’s « real job », meaning the job that pays the bills while you wait for some publishers to do their job.

A) Teacher at the University of British Colombia. Teaching english. Really ?
B) Crew member for McDonald’s Bringing smiles to customer’s faces with great service
C) Feminist to the core, dedicating countless unpaid hours to NOW (the national organisation for women), and complaining about it.

Answer A. English teacher of course. You didn’t think that writing was a gift , did you ?  here is the list of 7 famous writers who died poor.
Or if getting a job sounds like a better idea,
Why not looking for a nice position at University of British Colombia as well ? here, The Quantum Matter Institute is looking for a research associate in numerical techniques. You’re welcome.


Margaret Atwood 



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