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Nottingham quiz 2/5

When did Robin Hood’s aventures started in Nottingham  ?
As Robin Hood, Young Smith from Alan Sillitoe’s Loneliness of the long distance runner lives in Nottingham. Indeed, in the legend, Robin Hood and his Merry Men lived in the Sherwood forest, 30 km from Nottingham, where  the vilain Sheriff of Nottingham tried to secure the roads from what he considered as thieves and outlaws. We all remember that from the Disney movie, don’t we ?
But, when did Robin Hood’s aventures as an outlaw – robbing the rich and giving to the poor- started ? 
1) In 1450 with a ballad ” Robin Hood and the monk”
2) in 1872 with Alexandre Dumas ‘s “Le prince des voleurs” relating for the first time in french the adventures of Robin.
3) In 1883 with  the children book : ” The merry adventures of Robin Hood ” by Howard Pikes
3) In 1973 with Disney’s Robin hood that took inspiration from the traditional british legend but also from  the tales ” le roman de Renart”


Check your answer :
1) In 1450, for the first time a piece of verses were written about Robin Hood, although all the answers are true, our great Alexandre Dumas wasn’t the first to write about the legend. Read here Robin Hood and the Monk written in Old English


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